FIFA 18 Ratings: Top 10 Best Defenders in FIFA 18

They claim Defending is the most crucial role in the football. Well, it’s quite controversial since every role whether defending or strike – anybody’s failure to create impact can lead a game to loss and vice-versa. Whatsoever with the role, here we will emphasize on defenders and see who will be leading the list of top 10 defenders in FIFA 18.

Top 10 FIFA 18

Top 10 FIFA 18

Before we dive into the list, let’s light some shade on the role of the defender. The prime role of the defender is to prevent the attacker from passing forward or toward the goal. In other words, defenders need to make certain they restrain the attacker penetration. All in all, the defender is got to stop the ball from the opponent and prohibit from leading the ball toward the post.

Top 10 Defenders in FIFA 18 

  1. Dani Alves

Professional Brazilian footballer, Dani Alves plays as a right back for Brazil and Italian club, Juventus.  Alves spent successful years with Sevilla. He won two UEFA Cups and Copa del Rey with the club. The defender was all over the headline when he became the third most expensive defender of all time when joined Barcelona. Since his tenure in Barcelona, Alves defending was highly praised. His impressive performance led the club to win the treble right in his first season. With the club, the defender also won Spanish Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, and European Super Cup.

Alves further assistance to clinch two league titles, FIFA Super Cup and UEFA Champions League made him the renowned defender. However, following his move to Juventus, the player has been showing even amazing performance on the pitch. Not just defending but been striking as well, when he scored an only winning goal for his club. Such series of excellent performance has landed Dani Alves on our list of top 10 defenders in FIFA 18. Alves who enjoyed the 85 overall rating in FIFA 17 is expected to see the slight increase in FIFA 18. We surmise his ratings to go two points up 87 in FIFA 18. Alves is full of pace, technical skills, stamina which makes him fall in number 10 on our list of top 10 defenders in FIFA 18.

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