How to play FIFA 18 earlier than rest of the world?

If you would like to fall into the handfuls of player to play FIFA 18 earlier than rest of the world, here’s basically something you’ve got to know. Electronic Arts (EA) is kicking off an event in Los Angeles.

EA Play FIFA 18

EA Play FIFA 18

The event which is taking place from June 10 – 12 is EA’s annually EA Play event. The FIFA 18 developers will select a number of active gamers for the annual event to play and test their game.

It is also likely that the developing team will select the high-level testers for FIFA 18 and let you play the game until the release date.

What are high-level testers?

Companies like EA Sports have a huge range of game testers starting from a member of the development team to a newbie who has never played any FIFA games. There is a large number of testers who have played the game on EA’s list. EA regards gamers who have played the game before and are critical of their testing as high-level testers. They are changed every year but each one of them can get FIFA 18 free copy and potentially a gaming console after their testing period is done.

How to qualify to become a high-level tester for FIFA 18?

There are various ways that you can become a pro-level tester working for EA Sports FIFA 18 team.

1. If you have past experience beta testing FIFA or any of EA Sports games and you have a ticket for EA Play event, you are most likely to be called again for beta testing and final testing of FIFA 18.

2. If it’s your first time, buy a ticket for EA Play. The tickets go live on April 20 at 9 AM PST or 5 PM British Standard Time.

3. Increase your chances by signing up to receive promotional news from EA Sports. But, here is something important. If you opt out of getting emails from EA completely, there is no way you can become a full-time tester for EA.

4. If you don’t get to become a tester, there is still a chance that you can play the game beforehand. Ea will keep a record of you and if you go to their events every year, you are most likely to become part of their testing team for FIFA 19 or 20.

In order to get selected, the developers will only choose the most active gamers. Playing a lot of time can result in you getting selected.

Sign up for EA Play 

Other ways to increase the chances to play FIFA 18 early.

  1. Go to EA page and enable the option to receive EA Sports email about its products, news, and events.
  2. Get constantly involved in FUT and play and compete in the championship
  3. Stay in FUT Div 1
  4. Never miss a chance of playing FIFA 17 Online Session
  5. Next way to play FIFA 18 early is by being the EA Access or EA Vault member and get selected for FIFA 18 Beta Testing!

Requirements to Play FIFA 18 Early as Beta Testing

  • Should possess FIFA 17 in either Xbox One or PS4 gaming console
  •  Should have previously played FUT and FIFA online
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