FIFA 18 will be immensely emotional – EA CEO

A recent meeting with EA CEO revealed that FIFA 18 will be EMOTIONAL and the game is already being developed.

There has been recent news about FIFA 18 development and release. EA CEO Andrew Wilson claims that the company will create the most emotional FIFA ever.

Emotional FIFA 18

Emotional FIFA 18

“The development team in Vancouver is delivering deeply innovative new experiment across the year’s game with Ultimate Team and creating the most emotionally immersive and connective FIFA we have ever produced,” said Wilson.

FIFA 18 is predicted to be the best-selling Sports Game upon it’s release and the game series has a lot of history to make that possible. There has been a ton of featured piling up in the FIFA series to make FIFA 18 best of it’s kind. EA has already featured Women’s team, Story Mode, Skill Mode, Amazing Ultimate Team Servers and Co-op online play making the game one of the best there is.

This time around, FIFA 18 is going to target the emotional side of the football. We believe FIFA 18 is going to have an amazing animation to show the emotions of the game. Currently, the game does not feature graphics for wining a trophy and kissing it, running in the field with it, taking pictures with it and other stuff players in real football do.

Another thing that the game is missing is to captivate the real football injuries and emotions that endure. Players getting severely injured and the crowd clapping him off or if the player played who switched clubs and plays for the previous team, the fans booing him off. Capturing these emotions will really upgrade the game.

A list of other features that we can expect to see in FIFA 18.

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