FIFA 18 VR: Will the next FIFA have Virtual Reality?


The gaming community is expecting a lot of new changes in 2017 like 4k HDR rendering games, the realistic of graphics and gameplay but the one that is most anticipated is Virtual Reality. Today we ask the question whether EA Sports make their next big game FIFA 18 a VR game.

FIFA 18 Virtual Reality

FIFA 18 Virtual Reality

But first, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having the biggest soccer simulation video game in a virtual reality platform.

Why should FIFA 18 have Virtual Reality?

  • VR in FIFA games would be a dream come true for all the gamers as it will be the closest we will come to experiencing the real football experience without being on the pitch.
  • Being a pro and career mode would be amazing. Not to mention the story mode. If game face comes back, it will make these modes even more realistic.

Disadvantages of FIFA 18 being a VR game.

  • The price for a VR gaming console is very high in today’s gaming market. Not all of the gamers are able to afford a new console just to play the game in VR.
  • VR FIFA would be prone to a lot of bugs and errors as it will be a completely new generation of the developers.


As far as we know there are no current projects that hint that EA is working up a VR platform for FIFA 18. However, the Canadian game developers tend to surprise people just a few months before the release of the game. There is a slight chance FIFA 18 VR is possible.

But, even if it doesn’t, we can predict that soccer simulation and VR goes side by side. We can expect it to happen in FIFA 19 or FIFA 20 but it’s coming.

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