FIFA 18 Story Mode: The Journey Wishlist and Ideas

What can we expect from The Journey in FIFA 18? What are your wishlist and feature ideas for FIFA 18?

The introduction to the Journey was the biggest thing FIFA 17 had to offer. The story mode brought the one thing that was missing from the game series and now it is competing with rivals including NBA 2k and Pro Evolution Soccer.

FIFA 18 - Journey Wishlist and Ideas

FIFA 18 – Story Mode Wishlist

The mode was highly appreciated but there were a few things most of the gamers want to change. Some claim that the mode should be longer whereas some want more character and clubs in FIFA 18 Story Mode. Mode fixed it. But, we still want more features to be added in FIFA 18 The Journey to really make it a “new mode”.

Today, we are going to discuss some of this wishlist and features for FIFA 18 Journey Mode.

Remember when there was this joke about FIFA that it’s the same game every year, FIFA 17 The Journey

  1. Create a player

Creating a new player for FIFA 18 Story Mode is one of the most asked wishlists for the entire game. Since, you are stuck with Alex Hunter the whole time during this mode, people want to modify his physic, mentality, traits and even name. However, the current game doesn’t offer that.

In FIFA 18, this mode should have the option to create your own player like in Career Mode. There should be an option to create his name, birthdate, height, preferred foot and other physical appearances like skin color, face structure and what not. This will not only make the mode more effective because you have personally created a player.

Creating a player should also enable adding your face to the player. This will give the gamers a feel that they themselves are in the Journey. EA Sports should make this their main priority if they want their fanbase to get more excited for FIFA 18 Story Mode.

  1. More teams and leagues to choose from

The current FIFA 17 Story Mode: The Journey is limited to the Premier League and its clubs. Since the Premier League is world’s most popular club there are some famous teams you can choose from but the gamers want more.

We want to see all of the major teams covered if not all the major leagues covered for the FIFA 18 Story Mode. Some of the teams that the fans want to see are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and PSG. EA should try to get licensing for all the top European leagues so that this mode would be more flexible.

Taking it to an advance level would be adding the local clubs from leagues around the world. MLS for the United States and Japanese National League are ones to go after as the local fans for these clubs are major FIFA game fans.

  1. New animations

The current version of the game was mostly animated but there are never enough graphics and animations that satisfy the gamer.  What we mean by these animations is new moves and story that occurs beside the gameplay. There should be more things happening in a footballer’s life and people feel that the Journey is failing to cover each of them properly. In FIFA 18, they should try to get as many details as possible.

  1. New storyline

Yes, the story mode was awesome and the story was good. But, we are done with it. Would you go and watch the movie again, if the story for its sequel is completely same to the last one?

FIFA 18 Story Mode - New Storyline?

FIFA 18 Story Mode – New Storyline?

EA are reported working with new writers and professional footballers to get a completely new storyline for their new mode for FIFA 18. This would not only make the fans happy but also raise the sales of the game as gamers always go for the sequel.

Some of the ideas for new story line includes:

  • Life story of a retired player
  • Life story of a top current player
  • Life story of a growing/developing player
  • Gareth Walker this time?
  • Or His grandfather?

Do you have any suggestions for this? Don’t forget to comment

  1. More characters

The game needs more new characters to make it more interesting. It makes the game more interactive. A football players life should be more than just football for example going out, friends beyond his professional lives, family, and many others.

The story of the mode would be attractive if right characters are introduced in the storyline in the right time. It might help create more drama and friction in FIFA 18 version of the Journey.

  1. Longer storyline

FIFA 18 The Journey - Will it have the same characters?

FIFA 18 The Journey – Will it have the same characters?

The current storyline eventually ends and to some of the hardcore gamers, it ends pretty early. In FIFA 18 Story Mode, there should be a continuing story like there is for the Career Mode. The game time for FIFA games would be a lot more if the story was longer. This would also give them the opportunity to add more options and characters in the story and also on gameplay.

  1. Additional Commentary

The commentary should not be completely focused on your star player but it should feel like a normal FIFA gameplay commentary. However, since it is a story mode, there should be an advanced analysis of the player’s attributes, scoring records and potential transfer rumors during gameplay.

It might require EA to add a lot more commentary but this would definitely be a rewarding addition to the next years game.

  1. Possibly a new title

FIFA 17 Story Mode was named the Journey. Since we want a completely new story, there is a possibility that EA will call the new one something different. What are your suggestions for the next Story more or the next Journey in FIFA 18?

  1. Fix Bugs and Glitches

FIFA 18 Bugs FIx

FIFA 18 Bugs FIx

This is a no brainer. No one wants bugs or glitches in their games. Apparently, across PC platform, the journey is running into a lot of problems. EA should look closely into it to figure out what’s going on and start to work on it really quick.

What are your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 18 Story Mode/ FIFA 18 The Journey?




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