FIFA 18 League Wishlist

What are the leagues that you want to see in FIFA 18 that’s releasing this year?

FIFA 18 is expected to have a lot of new leagues and therefore new teams. There are fans all over the globe who want their favorite team to be in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 League Vote

FIFA 18 League Vote

Some of the most voted teams are:

  • German third division league
  • Greek first division league
  • Portuguese second division league
  • Israeli first division league
  • Romanian first division league
  • Iranian first division league
  • Bulgarian first division league
  • Malaysian first division league
  • Indonesian first division league
  • Spanish third division league

There are a ton of new league that EA Sports adds every year. And this could be your year as we will forward this list and the voting results to the developers.

In this poll, there are tons of new national first division league where as the top second or thrid division leagues from England, Spain and Germany are also included. Some of the teams of the leagues are still available to play in FIFA games under Others section. However, we are asking for the whole league not just teams.

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