FIFA 18 Closed Beta: How to play FIFA 18 early?


FIFA 18 Closed Beta let’s the gaming community into FIFA 18 before it is released. In August of 2017, the game developers will select a handful of active gamers to help evaluate and review their latest project FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Closed Beta

FIFA 18 Closed Beta

We have successfully predicted the beta release date for FIFA series in the previous year and we predict that it will be available by August 20th.

EA Sports only chooses the most active fans for specific game modes to be in their beta testing phase. Playing a lot of time in the same mode could result in you in getting invited to FIFA 18 closed beta. Don’t forget to get online every time you play FIFA cause that’s how EA tracks whether you are eligible or not.

Also, your region where you are from also matters to EA Sports FIFA 18 Development Team. They are looking for a diverse group of people from different part of the world to participate in the beta testing.

FIFA 18 Closed Beta Requirements:

  1. Must own FIFA 17 in PS4 or Xbox One
  2. Must have played FIFA and FUT online
  3. Must be able to receive emails from EA Sports
  4. Mustn’t have bad relations with EA Support/ or forums.

Improve your chances to get into FIFA 18 Closed Beta by:

  1. Go to EA’s contact preference page and select the option to receive emails from EA Sports about EA news, products, events, and promotions.
  2. Constantly play FUT and compete in FUT championship.
  3. Get into FUT DIV 1 and stay there.
  4. Play FIFA 17 Online Session

You can also play the game early by being an EA Vault or EA Access member. FIFA 18 Closed Beta is only available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users.

We will remind you when EA opens Closed Beta for FIFA 18? Leave us a comment with your email


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