FIFA 18 to have Indian Super League

Although the official date hasn’t been confirmed, FIFA 18 has something great to offer for the FIFA fanatics. Unlike previous FIFA, this year FIFA has hinted an addition of the Chinese Super League and also the Indian Super League.


FIFA 18 will have Indian Super League

As per the source, Indian fans petitioned to include the Indian Super League and the likelihood is extremely high. Indian Super League currently ranks 2nd on FIFA fan voting website. Compared to Chinese Super League with 156,000, Indian League has garnered 154,000 votes on the website. Despite the votes, the official confirmation from the EA Sports is yet to come.

The uncertainty lies in Indian Super League as its matches are held seasonally which creates difficulty to follow execution process as compared to the seven-month league. But as per the votes, if everything goes per the planning and no issues occur in between, alongside CSL, Indian Super League is certain to be included.

The petition for Indian Super League inclusion in FIFA 18 was started by a Shivam Mishra. The petition as of now has reached the desired votes from the supporters across the globe. One of the supporters claimed to refuse to purchase the FIFA 18 if the Indian Super Leauge team North East United is not included.

One of the supporters said that he will not buy the game unless North East United in included in the game. Another source added that since India was added in FIFA 15, the game has developed a lot in the country and they believe the game will flourish in the country of almost 1.3 billion as it is also a good economic boost for EA Sports.

In addition to the Indian Super League and Chinese Super League, FIFA 18 seems to include the German third division.

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